Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

Open up the phone book and you'll find hundreds of Carpet Cleaning Companies. Chances are "most" of them will do a good job cleaning but the problem is, most of them are using highly toxic chemicals that can aggravate a number of respiratory symptoms.

Most companies cut corners by using toxic cleaning agents, which do a good job cleaning but are very detrimental to your health. Products with very high or low pH levels are often used because they are cheaper and easier to clean with.

Eco-Friendly product can still get the same cleaning results and pose no threat to your health or the cleaning technicians.

As the customer, it is your job to find a Green Carpet Cleaning Company, when inviting a company into your home. Find a company that is safe, reputable, honest and most importantly, thoughtful to the health of your family.

A GREEN company should be able to provide you with MSDS sheets for all solutions upon request.