Saturday, January 25, 2014

Organic Mattress Cleaning NYC - Cleaning and Disinfecting your Mattress

People often do not realize how important it is to periodically clean their mattress.

As an organic carpet and upholstery cleaning company we offer many services such as carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and sofa cleaning. One service that often gets overlooked by some people is mattress cleaning.

We offer professional mattress cleaning services for all of our customers in NYC.

There are obvious reason and circumstances which will encourage someone to have their mattress deep cleaning. For example, we get calls often from customers that have spilled a drink while in bed.

We also get calls regarding accidents from toddlers and pets. In these cases we can extract all the urine and sanitize the mattress to remove all bacteria and odors from the fabric.

Aside from these obvious reasons to have your mattress cleaned, here's a few reasons you may not have thought about.

Did you know that your body constantly sheds dead skin cells? On average, your body will shed over 100,000 dad skin cells while you sleep.

These dead skin cells will in turn become food for dust mites in your mattress which creates dust. Cleaning your mattress will help with allergens and enhance the air quality in your bedroom.

Think about how long you would go without cleaning your bed sheets. All the body oil. sweat, hair, skin cells, allergens etc.....You get the point? :)

You'll love the fact that you can sleep in a clean and healthy mattress. Here below is a picture of a recent job we did for a customer of ours. This was right after new years. The customer had a little bit too much red wine to drink and ended up vomiting in his bed. (We've all been there before)
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Pure Green Mattress Cleaning NYC 

This cleaning was complicated because we were dealing with a very large red wine stain and also a bad odor which came from the vomit.

Our organic mattress cleaning NYC technicians were able to completely remove the stain and also 100% of the odor as well.

The customer was very happy that they did not have to sleep on the couch anymore!

If you are located in the NYC area feel free to give us a call today to ask about our organic mattress cleaning services.

Pure Green Carpet Cleaning

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Organic Upholstery Cleaning NYC - New Video Cleaning Church Pews in New York

PureGreen recently cleaned Church pews in a large New York City Church. Just in time for the Holidays and New Year! Enjoy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rug Cleaning New York - Organic Rug Cleaning NYC

This time of year is always extremely busy for us rug cleaners. We are working very hard to clean everyone's rugs, carpets, and upholstery so that it can be nice and fresh for the holiday guests and family get together's 

While we always deliver a clean and fresh rug to our customers home, nothing can stop that rug from getting dirty again during the holidays. 

We receive calls all the time right after major holidays regarding spilled wine, food etc...

So we decided to write a post on some holiday tips when it comes to rugs.

Firstly try not to spill anything! Of course this is easier said than done and accidents do happen. In the event that one of your guests do spill some drink or food on your rugs there are some things you can do to help prevent that stain from becoming embedded in the fibers of your rug. 

After scolding your guest, grab a white towel and blot out any excess liquid or food from the rug. Do not rub, as this may cause pile damage and also may set the stain in the fibers. We highly recommend staying as far away from over the counter cleaning products as possible. Especially if you are dealing with a quality rug. 

Often times these household cleaning products contain very high pH levels that can cause severe damage to wool and silk fibers and even cause the dyes to bleed. 

If you must use something, we recommend using distilled white vinegar. Mix it up with a ratio of 50/50 with luke warm water and use a white towel to dab and blot the spot on the rug. Again, DO NOT RUB. Please be careful if attempting to treat an expensive rug yourself. Some rugs are extremely delicate and will not respond well to cleaning attempts. 

The acidic content in the vinegar will provide a safe and natural cleaning boost for your rug and may help remove the stain completely. 

After the holidays are over, your rug may need a trip to the spa. If the stain did not come out completely you should call a professional rug cleaning new york company to provide their expertise. 

We can pick the rug up from your home and clean it in our state of the art rug cleaning facility. This will remove all the dirt, grime, allergens and soil from the heavy traffic of the holidays. Once the rug is ready it can be delivered back to your home and installed back in place looking good as new!

Our turn around time is typically 7-10 business days and as always we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work!

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year! We are here in case of rug emergencies! :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Green Rug Cleaning New York - Why choose Organic Rug Cleaning NYC

Cleaning Your Exotic, Persian, or Oriental Area Rug

Cleaning your area rugs with at-home solutions could damage your expensive rugs.  Area rug cleaning requires a softer touch and many people that attempt to do it themselves scrub too hard with rough brushes or use harsh chemicals that damage the rugs fragile fibers.  A professional cleaning company can give you a free in-home inspection to let you know exactly what needs done.  They are trained and very experienced in determining exactly how your particular rug should be cleaned.  Many rugs cannot be wet cleaned, so therefore need to go through a dry cleaning process.  These professional cleaning companies know exactly which process to use when cleaning your rugs, while any do-it-yourselfer could choose the wrong process and destroy their precious area rug.  Plus, the professionals offer full service pick-up and delivery.

The cleaning process begins with the professionals using specialized equipment that send vibrations through your rug to loosen up any dirt particles so that they can be removed because a standard vacuum cleaner is unable to get all of the dirt out of your rug.  Your rug is then inspected to determine if it can be wet cleaned or if it needs to be dry cleaned.  If the rug can be wet cleaned it is cleaned with an organic cleaning solution. Organic cleaning solutions are the best cleaners to use on any rug because they are not filled with harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate fibers in your rugs.  They are also non-toxic which is perfect if you have little children or pets running around and you can be certain that the cleaner will not harm your precious rug.

After you rug has been put through the cleaning process, it is then placed in a deodorizing bath.  This will take any smell out of your rugs and leave a fresh clean scent.  After being cleaned by a knowledgeable professional, your area rugs will look and smell like new.  With proper upkeep of your exotic, Persian, or Oriental rug you can maintain its original beauty for years to come.

Pure Green RugCleaning NYC treats your valuable rug as if it was their own.  Using state-of-the-art cleaning methods and solutions, Pure Green offers free pick-up and delivery for all customers in need of area rug cleaning in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island, and the surrounding areas.  When you need a professional to care for your precious rug, Pure Green is here for you.

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Green Rug Cleaning New York

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Silk Rug Cleaning NYC - Removing Urine Odors and Stains from Silk Rug

Cleaning silk rugs is a skill that requires a certain level of expertise. Silk rugs can be very expensive and an improper cleaning can cause the colors to bleed or create areas of discoloration. As a general rule, you should never attempt to clean a silk rug on your own unless you have the proper resources and experience in doing it the right way.

We receive calls all the time from people who attempted to "spot clean" their silk rug only to find out that they removed color from the rug, destroyed its sheen, or caused pile damage.

Sometimes the damage is to far gone to be repaired, which is why it is best to contact a professional before attempting to tackle any spots on your silk rug by yourself.

At PureGreen Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning we are able to properly handle your silk rugs when it comes time for cleaning. The first step would be setting up an inspection. During the inspection one of our silk rug cleaning nyc technicians will examine your rug and provide you with some options as far as the best way to clean them is concerned.

During the inspection you will also be made aware of what to expect from a cleaning. If the rug is in very poor condition and cannot be restored, the technician will let you know what results are possible to achieve with a cleaning. If your area rug needs repairs, our technician can provide some repair options on the rug as well.

After the inspection we will take the rug back to our facility for a cleaning. First we will dust the rug, removing as much dry soil as possible before washing it. The is a crucial step in the cleaning process because if the rug is very dusty, adding water to a dusty rug will result in discoloration. Think about what happens when you wet dirt, it turns into mud.

After the dusting process, we then check the rug for color fastness. For rugs with renegade dyes, we use our in house dye stabilizers to ensure that the colors will not bleed during the cleaning process. Once the dyes are stabilized we will pre-treat any spots that might need special treatment before its time for a bath.

The rugs get washed individually in our wash pit. This process gets done by hand to ensure the proper care and attention to detail necessary for impeccable results is always achieved.

For rugs with severe odor issues, we leave the rug fully submerged in the wash pit over night in order to remove 100% of the odor.

After the wash, we will rinse out any cleaning solutions with pure water and a pH neutralizing solution. We then groom the rug, placing the pile in the right direction and begin the drying process. Typically, our turn around time is approximately 7 business days.

So remember, cleaning silk rugs is not something that should ever be done in your home. If you require the services of a Silk Rug Cleaning Professional please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Below is a picture of a rug we are working on right now. This rug was given to us by one of our long time customers. She is already educated on how to treat these rugs. She called us right away when the stain happened and knew not to try to clean it up herself with anything. We will able to fully remove this stain and restore the rug to its natural beautiful condition.

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Silk Rug Cleaning NYC

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Microfiber Sofa Cleaning NYC - Organic Upholstery Cleaning

Microfiber is a very common fabric found in many homes. We get calls all the time to clean up microfiber sofas. As a fabric, microfiber is typically very resilient and should last long if taken care of properly. For routine maintenance you can spot clean some (not all) stains using general household products like distilled white vinegar mixed with water.

A deep cleaning of the upholstery is still recommended at least once every year or two depending on the traffic. What happens when microfiber is not maintained is that body oil becomes built up in the fabric. Oil stains on MF sofas can become a real eyesore because they turn the fabric a dark black color. In order to remove this, professional cleaning methods must be employed.

At PureGreen we have perfected the way we clean microfiber and ultra-suede material. Sometimes our customers cannot even believe the results we are able to achieve. We have found that by boosting the cleaning process using all natural citrus based products all the oil based stains liquefy and are able to be extracted easily.

Our prespray detergents will cut through dirt and grime like a hot knife through butter. As always our technicians only use organic upholstery cleaning solutions during the cleaning process. We also make sure to rinse everything out with pure water so that no sticky residue is left behind. This will also ensure that the fabric stays clean longer.

With microfiber an often skipped step is the grooming process. Our technicians will post groom the fabric using white cotton terry towels. This will do three things:

1. Help dry the fabric
2. Return the nap to its normal position
3. Lift up any possible remaining dirt

The end result is a clean, fresh smelling, and soft sofa that you can enjoy as if it were brand new. As an optional treatment we also offer a post application fabric protector. Our green labeled fabric protector is completely safe to use around kids, pets and the environment. What the protector does is actually bonds to the fabric itself and acts as a repellent to liquids, oils, and dust. This will make sure that if someone accidentally spills something on the fabric you will be able to simple wipe it off with a paper towel. It also ensures that the sofa will last a lot longer since dust and dirt will not become embedded in the fabric.

Please take a look below at one of our recent jobs. This particular customer had a white microfiber sectional that had several dark black stains all over. These stains were basically body oil buildup from years of use. The customer had low expectations on the results of the cleaning but we were really able to wow her with our work.

Our Green Sofa Cleaning NYC technicians were able to remove 100% of the stains from this sofa, using our citrus boosted cleaning method.

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Professional Mattress Cleaning NYC - Make your home a healthier place!

Have you ever stopped to think about who you are sharing your bed with? Did you know that your body sheds 30,000-40,000 dead skin cells every HOUR?

Thats 320,000 skin cells every night you go to sleep. Now multiply that by the amount of days in a year. Scary thought right? Those skin cells penetrate through your sheets, your blankets and end up on your mattress.

It does not end there. Dead skin cells are the primary food source for dust mites. Dust mites feed on dead skin cells for the protein, and there is no better place for a free lunch than your mattress. It creates the perfect breeding ground for the house dust mite. Ever see loose dust floating around? AKA dust bunnies.

That is actually feces, left behind by dust mites. This is a main culprit for allergy sufferers and cause a number of respiratory issues and health problems.

Aside from dead skin cells, dust mites, and feces, there are a number of other harmful allergens and toxins embedded in the fabric of your mattress that can cause odors, irritation, breathing issues and more.

It's gross, we know. But our intention is not to turn you off to mattresses. After all, you do need a place to sleep right? You cannot replace your mattress every 6 months. That would not be cost effective.

Professional Mattress Cleaning NYC is the answer. Having your mattress cleaned by a professional will remove harmful toxins, bacteria, body oil, dust, allergens and provide you with a much healthier sleeping environment.

Our professional cleaning process includes a pre-conditioner which gets applied to the mattress. This will loosen up any body oil and guck that may have made it's way through your sheets. Our technicians will then proceed to thoroughly clean the mattress using hot water extraction. This is a continuous high pressure flow of hot water and a rinsing agent. It will remove any deeply embedded allergens that are lurking in your mattress. A professional mattress cleaning technician will also extract as much of the water as possible in order to ensure that mattress is not overwet and will dry quickly, providing you with the allergy relief you need for a good nights sleep.

In order to disinfect your mattress. We employ a completely non-invasive chemical free approach. Using the power of UV lights we are able to eliminate 99% of bacteria from your mattress. Ultra-violet light is effective in killing and destroying harmful micro-organisms.

Many people go years without cleaning their mattress because they do not think of what is actually going on inside the fabrics. Next time you clean or change your sheets, ask yourself this. How long has it been since I cleaned my mattress?

Give us a call today and we'd be happy to provide you with a complete deep cleaning of your mattress.


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