Saturday, April 27, 2013

Beer Stain - Upholstery Cleaning NYC

Beer is often a very difficult stain to remove on certain fabrics because of its high yeast content. In certain situations yellowing or browning can occur if the fabric is cotton. 

The best way to avoid beer stain issues on your upholstery is to get the beer in your mouth and not your couch J

But in all seriousness, we know how cramped some NYC apartments can be, and if you are hosting friends for a get together the inevitable will surely happen sooner or later. If you or one of your friends happens to fumble their alcoholic beverage during your shin dig, the first thing you should do is eject said drink dropper from the party and then grab a white rag or towel and try and blot/soak up as much of the beverage as possible.

It is best to attempt to remove the stain yourself as using the wrong products or improper cleaning techniques can potentially make the stain look worse or even permanently set it into the fabric.

Once all the dust has settled and the party is over, you are encouraged to call a professional sofa cleaning service to help you with the stain.

At PureGreen, our upholstery cleaning nyc technicians are fully equipped and knowledgeable in handling beer…stains that is..

More often than not we can remove the stain and odor from the fabric 100%. If we feel that the stain is too severe to guarantee results, we will let you know before we begin what you should expect from a cleaning.

Below is an example of a customer we had recently who sublet her apartment in NYC to someone who obviously did not get back their security deposit at the end of their stay. This stain was particularly difficult because it was on a white cotton fabric which does not respond well to heavy moisture. The stain was sitting on the fabric for about a month but the good thing was that the customer did not attempt to remove the stain themselves.

Our upholstery cleaning specialist was able to completely remove the stain and save our customer a pretty penny from having to get the sofa re-upholstered which would have been the last resort. As always we only use the best green labeled products available to our industry which means no harmful chemicals and no sticky residue left behind. 

Take a look at the photos below and give us a call if you need help with any type of stain removal on your upholstery or carpets!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carpet Cleaning in New York - Urine Stain Removal

Urine Stains can be a tough stain to overcome if not treated the proper way. When your beloved pet has an accident on your carpet, it is generally best to stay away from any over the counter type products since often times, these can permanently set the stain.

We know how agitating the smell of urine can be in your living room and the eye sore of having a large yellow stain in the center of your carpet and we are here to help. 

It is best to call a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with your pet stains while you relax and worry about the other million things going on at the same time J

Depending on the severity of the urine contamination we can offer multiple different cleaning options to tackle the issues. When odor is a major issue we use can use enzymes or even live bacteria (completely non-toxic) to completely eliminate and break down any odors, not just hide them.

If the urine has soaked all the way into the padding of the carpet, we may need to flood the problem area with our urine neutralizing cleaning agents and extract the area using high powered vacuum systems.  This will ensure that your pets wont be attracted to the odors beneath the carpet and will not be tempted to keep marking the same areas.

After the odor has been dealt with and there is still some visible signs of the stain, we like to use oxygenated products to help remove the stain completely. Our Carpet Cleaning NYC technicians have been fully trained and certified in the proper techniques in removing urine stains and odors from carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. 

In certain situations, urine stains may be permanent and our technicians would let you know beforehand what you should expect. Below is a job that we recently did for a customer. The carpet was riddled with several pet stains all over the room. We were able to remove all of them and the end result was a clean and odor free carpet. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning Oriental Rugs

Cleaning Oriental and Persian Rugs can be tricky and hazardous to an untrained cleaner. Because all handwoven rugs are unique and no two rugs are alike, using the same cleaning method for every rug will eventually lead to a rug cleaning disaster.

The first rule of thumb when cleaning a handwoven rug is to understand that this is not a "Do It Yourself" project. Attempting to clean an expensive rug yourself without the proper equipment and knowledge can end up becoming a very costly mistake. It is best to hire the help of a rug cleaning professional in order to properly clean your rugs.

Always make sure that the rug cleaner you choose is trained and experienced in handling exotic rugs before you allow them to clean yours. Ask if they are fully insured against any accidents that may occur during the cleaning process.

Handwoven rugs can be constructed in many different ways. The most common rugs that you see inside of homes are constructed of wool fibers, which is a strong and durable fiber. The wool can be dyed in many different way as well and sometimes the dyes can be unstable and bleed during the cleaning process if the wrong solutions are used.

Silk rugs are another fiber that can commonly be seen in handwoven rugs. Silk Persian Rugs can be very very pricey and although silk is a very strong fiber, cleaning silk the wrong way can permanently damage the sheen of the fabric.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC technicians are fully trained and capable of cleaning all types of rugs, from Silk Rugs, Wool Rugs, Shag Rugs, Tufted Rugs, Hemp Rugs and so on...

We make sure to educate our customers on the cleaning methods we will use for your particular rug. If color runs will be an issue we will make sure to stabilize the dyes before we begin the cleaning process to ensure that no bleeding will occur.

Our method of cleaning typically involves fully submerging the rug in a wash pit. This will soak both sides of the rug and ensure a complete and thorough cleaning. After all the the soil, allergens, dust and sand is flushed away in the wash pit, we will scrub the rugs gently, making sure as not to damage the pile of your rug.

If there are any odor issues, we can include enzymes into the cleaning process to help neutralize and eliminate (not cover up) and bad odors.

When the rug is thoroughly washed, we rinse it out with a pH neutralizing bath which will remove any remaining dirt, soaps, and dust that may have been left behind. This important step will ensure that when the rugs dry, they will be left in a soft and clean state, the way it was when it was first made.

After this, we hang the rugs up for drying and before we bring the rug back to our customers we always give it a final inspection. If any stains remain we can provide additional stain removal treatment.  The end result is a clean, fresh rug that has been thoroughly washed by trained professionals.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Organic Carpet Cleaning

In New York City, toxins are unavoidable. They are constantly attacking our immune systems and that is why when there is an option to choose services or make lifestyle choices that reduce the amount of toxins you surround yourself by, the choice is very clear!

There are many Carpet Cleaning Services out there, but not all of them offer a truly Green Cleaning Approach.

At PureGreen Carpet Cleaning we offer non-toxic carpet, upholstery and area rug cleaning in all the 5 boroughs of NY.