Saturday, January 25, 2014

Organic Mattress Cleaning NYC - Cleaning and Disinfecting your Mattress

People often do not realize how important it is to periodically clean their mattress.

As an organic carpet and upholstery cleaning company we offer many services such as carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, and sofa cleaning. One service that often gets overlooked by some people is mattress cleaning.

We offer professional mattress cleaning services for all of our customers in NYC.

There are obvious reason and circumstances which will encourage someone to have their mattress deep cleaning. For example, we get calls often from customers that have spilled a drink while in bed.

We also get calls regarding accidents from toddlers and pets. In these cases we can extract all the urine and sanitize the mattress to remove all bacteria and odors from the fabric.

Aside from these obvious reasons to have your mattress cleaned, here's a few reasons you may not have thought about.

Did you know that your body constantly sheds dead skin cells? On average, your body will shed over 100,000 dad skin cells while you sleep.

These dead skin cells will in turn become food for dust mites in your mattress which creates dust. Cleaning your mattress will help with allergens and enhance the air quality in your bedroom.

Think about how long you would go without cleaning your bed sheets. All the body oil. sweat, hair, skin cells, allergens etc.....You get the point? :)

You'll love the fact that you can sleep in a clean and healthy mattress. Here below is a picture of a recent job we did for a customer of ours. This was right after new years. The customer had a little bit too much red wine to drink and ended up vomiting in his bed. (We've all been there before)
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Pure Green Mattress Cleaning NYC 

This cleaning was complicated because we were dealing with a very large red wine stain and also a bad odor which came from the vomit.

Our organic mattress cleaning NYC technicians were able to completely remove the stain and also 100% of the odor as well.

The customer was very happy that they did not have to sleep on the couch anymore!

If you are located in the NYC area feel free to give us a call today to ask about our organic mattress cleaning services.

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