Monday, December 31, 2012

Worlds Most Expensive Area Rug

In 2008 this rug was sold for a whopping $4,450,000!

This makes this the world most expensive area rug. The rug is credited to be an Ishafan Silk rug dating to the 1600's

Part of the reason why it sold for such a high value is because it was in great shape for its age. It is fully in tact with almost no end loss at all.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Silk Area Rug and Doggy Accidents

One of our customers called in really worried because her dog got sick and had a major accident on her beautiful silk handwoven Persian rug.

This rug was a very valuable one and she was concerned that it would not be able to be fix. She sent the rug into our shop for our deep area rug cleaning process and specialty stain removal treatment.

She was very pleased with the results of the cleaning and we were able to restore her rug to pristine condition. No sign of the stains whatsoever!

Persian Rug Cleaning in NYC is a skill and should not attempted by someone who does not have the sufficient knowledge and experience. Attempting to clean this rug improperly would have possibly set the stain and made it that much more difficult to get it out.