Thursday, January 24, 2013

Persian Wool Area Rug - Attacked By Moth

We get a lot of calls from customers who have been the unlucky victims of a moth attack on their precious area rugs.

Sometimes the damage can be devastating and depending on how much time the moth had to feed on the rug, sometimes the damages cannot be repaired.

At PureGreen we offer several different options to treating a moth damaged rug. Typically we will first inspect the rug for damages. A lot of time the fibers will be very loose and to the untrained eye the rug may seem okay, but shake it up a little and all you may find chunks of wool falling off the rug.

Wool is the main food source for moth larvae, these tiny worm like insects will feast on a Persian rug and love every second of it. Our NYC Rug Cleaning technicians can help identify any potential moth problems and provide you with the best solution to the problem.

To treat the rug for moth damage, we will give the rug a lime wash. This highly acidic wash is safe for the rug and will ensure that no moth larvae will remain inside of the rug. After the lime wash we inspect to make sure no larvae remain before we apply a moth proofing treatment onto the rug. This non-toxic repellent will ensure that no more moth will be attracted to this rug.

Lastly, we offer area rug repairs for any damages resulted from the moth. We can patch holes, recolor dyes and re-stitch the binding to make it look like your rug was never attacked.

See picture below for a recent customer of ours who had their beautiful Persian Rug attacked by moth. Luckily they caught on to it fairly quickly before it became really bad. They have a hole about the size of an apple on the rug which we will be able to repair for them.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in New York City

One of the many services we offer is a truly Green Carpet Cleaning method using our triple planetary rotary brush system and encapsulation cleaning agents.

For most of our commercial carpet cleaning clients, this is the preferred method of cleaning for several reasons.

1. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning dries very quickly, so less chance of tracking dirt right after cleaning
2. Stops recurring stains from popping back up
3. Prevents Wickback
4. Carpets stay clean on average 50% longer.
5. Truly Green Approach due to the low amount of cleaning agents used

Often times we can really surprise our clients using our encapsulation cleaning system. At times where some of our customers have thought there is no hope left for their carpets, we were able to really impress them by restoring the carpets and saving their money on what it would cost to have new carpet installed.

For facilities that are very high traffic, we offer complete carpet cleaning maintenance customization to fit both your budget and cleaning needs. Our technicians can provide free demonstrations on our carpet cleaning process.

If you would like a free carpet cleaning NYC demonstration please call 866-987-7873 and ask about our maintenance programs!

Check out our quick video below of a recent job. Not the best video but shows a little bit of what we can do!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tibetan Rug - Dog Urine

Here is a nice Tibetan Rug we received from one of our customers. This rug is an 8x10 and 100% wool. Unfortunately the customers dog has been using the rug as a bathroom, marking it in the same spot over and over.

The urine has been sitting in the rug for quite some time and as a result has distorted and burned the wool. We took the rug back to our shop for a deep cleaning and soaking to flush out all the urine and neutralize the odors.

Our  NYC Area Rug Cleaning soaking process allows for a full penetration of enzymatic solutions into both sides of the rug in order for a complete and thorough cleaning.

Severe urine stains such as this one can be tricky to handle. Using the wrong products can permanently set the stain and sometimes removing the stain can lead to bleaching, or color runs. Sometimes complete removal of the stain is not possible and color restoration will be needed to fully restore the rug.

In the above example, this rug was deep cleaned and soaked using enzymes. The end result is a clean rug, however some discoloration is still visible. The next step is to treat the discoloration and restore the color back to its original condition.

Have a rug problem that you need help with? Give us a call today and we would be happy to help!
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