Saturday, April 20, 2013

Carpet Cleaning in New York - Urine Stain Removal

Urine Stains can be a tough stain to overcome if not treated the proper way. When your beloved pet has an accident on your carpet, it is generally best to stay away from any over the counter type products since often times, these can permanently set the stain.

We know how agitating the smell of urine can be in your living room and the eye sore of having a large yellow stain in the center of your carpet and we are here to help. 

It is best to call a professional carpet cleaning company to deal with your pet stains while you relax and worry about the other million things going on at the same time J

Depending on the severity of the urine contamination we can offer multiple different cleaning options to tackle the issues. When odor is a major issue we use can use enzymes or even live bacteria (completely non-toxic) to completely eliminate and break down any odors, not just hide them.

If the urine has soaked all the way into the padding of the carpet, we may need to flood the problem area with our urine neutralizing cleaning agents and extract the area using high powered vacuum systems.  This will ensure that your pets wont be attracted to the odors beneath the carpet and will not be tempted to keep marking the same areas.

After the odor has been dealt with and there is still some visible signs of the stain, we like to use oxygenated products to help remove the stain completely. Our Carpet Cleaning NYC technicians have been fully trained and certified in the proper techniques in removing urine stains and odors from carpets, area rugs, and upholstery. 

In certain situations, urine stains may be permanent and our technicians would let you know beforehand what you should expect. Below is a job that we recently did for a customer. The carpet was riddled with several pet stains all over the room. We were able to remove all of them and the end result was a clean and odor free carpet. 

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