Monday, June 3, 2013

Water Damage - Wet Shag Rug in New York City

Shag Rugs are coming back in style with a vengeance. In many New York City apartments today, you can find a nice shaggy rug on top of the wood floors. The right rug can give a room a modern, stylish, and sophisticated look, however this does not come easy. 

Shag rugs must be maintained in order to keep them looking clean. Because the pile is so thick on a shag rug,   it makes the perfect home for dust mites, allergens, pet dander and fur. Daily vacuuming is recommended along with a deep professional cleaning every 8-12 months. Your shag rug is the biggest dust magnet in your home. As much as it is being vacuumed, without sending the rug out to a professional rug cleaning service, deeply embedded soil will never be flushed out. 

Another common problem with shag rugs, is over wetting. Because these rugs are so absorbent, drying can be a problem if not done correctly. One of our customers recently called in because she attempted to clean her shag rug with a carpet cleaning rental machine. The problem with that, is those machines shoot out a lot of water and do not have the proper vacuum suction to suck it back up. It often ends with a severely wet rug and no place to dry it. 

After attempting to clean the shag rug, our customer hoped she can get it dry in her storage room, however after three days, the rug did not appear to be getting dry, and now had a mold and dry rot issue. The binding of the rug was beginning to peal off when she called us. 

Our Rug Cleaning NYC technician was able to provide the customer with some tips for future reference and gave her some recommendations and how to treat the now water damage shag rug. 

We took the rug back to our facility for a deep cleaning and sanitizing/disinfecting for mold and odors. After we wash and fully dry it we can discard the damaged latex binding and replace it with new, making this rug look as good as it can.

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