Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Green Rug Cleaning New York - Why choose Organic Rug Cleaning NYC

Cleaning Your Exotic, Persian, or Oriental Area Rug

Cleaning your area rugs with at-home solutions could damage your expensive rugs.  Area rug cleaning requires a softer touch and many people that attempt to do it themselves scrub too hard with rough brushes or use harsh chemicals that damage the rugs fragile fibers.  A professional cleaning company can give you a free in-home inspection to let you know exactly what needs done.  They are trained and very experienced in determining exactly how your particular rug should be cleaned.  Many rugs cannot be wet cleaned, so therefore need to go through a dry cleaning process.  These professional cleaning companies know exactly which process to use when cleaning your rugs, while any do-it-yourselfer could choose the wrong process and destroy their precious area rug.  Plus, the professionals offer full service pick-up and delivery.

The cleaning process begins with the professionals using specialized equipment that send vibrations through your rug to loosen up any dirt particles so that they can be removed because a standard vacuum cleaner is unable to get all of the dirt out of your rug.  Your rug is then inspected to determine if it can be wet cleaned or if it needs to be dry cleaned.  If the rug can be wet cleaned it is cleaned with an organic cleaning solution. Organic cleaning solutions are the best cleaners to use on any rug because they are not filled with harsh chemicals that can damage the delicate fibers in your rugs.  They are also non-toxic which is perfect if you have little children or pets running around and you can be certain that the cleaner will not harm your precious rug.

After you rug has been put through the cleaning process, it is then placed in a deodorizing bath.  This will take any smell out of your rugs and leave a fresh clean scent.  After being cleaned by a knowledgeable professional, your area rugs will look and smell like new.  With proper upkeep of your exotic, Persian, or Oriental rug you can maintain its original beauty for years to come.

Pure Green RugCleaning NYC treats your valuable rug as if it was their own.  Using state-of-the-art cleaning methods and solutions, Pure Green offers free pick-up and delivery for all customers in need of area rug cleaning in NYC, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Long Island, and the surrounding areas.  When you need a professional to care for your precious rug, Pure Green is here for you.

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Green Rug Cleaning New York

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