Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rug Cleaning New York - Organic Rug Cleaning NYC

This time of year is always extremely busy for us rug cleaners. We are working very hard to clean everyone's rugs, carpets, and upholstery so that it can be nice and fresh for the holiday guests and family get together's 

While we always deliver a clean and fresh rug to our customers home, nothing can stop that rug from getting dirty again during the holidays. 

We receive calls all the time right after major holidays regarding spilled wine, food etc...

So we decided to write a post on some holiday tips when it comes to rugs.

Firstly try not to spill anything! Of course this is easier said than done and accidents do happen. In the event that one of your guests do spill some drink or food on your rugs there are some things you can do to help prevent that stain from becoming embedded in the fibers of your rug. 

After scolding your guest, grab a white towel and blot out any excess liquid or food from the rug. Do not rub, as this may cause pile damage and also may set the stain in the fibers. We highly recommend staying as far away from over the counter cleaning products as possible. Especially if you are dealing with a quality rug. 

Often times these household cleaning products contain very high pH levels that can cause severe damage to wool and silk fibers and even cause the dyes to bleed. 

If you must use something, we recommend using distilled white vinegar. Mix it up with a ratio of 50/50 with luke warm water and use a white towel to dab and blot the spot on the rug. Again, DO NOT RUB. Please be careful if attempting to treat an expensive rug yourself. Some rugs are extremely delicate and will not respond well to cleaning attempts. 

The acidic content in the vinegar will provide a safe and natural cleaning boost for your rug and may help remove the stain completely. 

After the holidays are over, your rug may need a trip to the spa. If the stain did not come out completely you should call a professional rug cleaning new york company to provide their expertise. 

We can pick the rug up from your home and clean it in our state of the art rug cleaning facility. This will remove all the dirt, grime, allergens and soil from the heavy traffic of the holidays. Once the rug is ready it can be delivered back to your home and installed back in place looking good as new!

Our turn around time is typically 7-10 business days and as always we guarantee your satisfaction with all of our work!

Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year! We are here in case of rug emergencies! :)

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