Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Improper Silk Rug Cleaning - Color Run

We get calls all the time from customers who had their rugs destroyed due to improper cleaning methods. Sometimes the damage is so bad that even we cannot fix it 100%.

The fact of the matter is that any handwoven area rug should NEVER be cleaned in your house. Any professional with knowledge about oriental rugs will agree. There are just way to many things that can go wrong. Rug Cleaning in NY is a major part of our business and we offer a free pickup and delivery service for all area rugs which will be cleaned in our state of the art facility.

Below is an example of a beautiful Silk Persian Rug that is very delicate and valuable. The customer who brought it to us had another company clean the rug in her home the same way you would have wall to wall carpeting cleaned. Needless to say, they caused a huge mess. As you can see the dyes on this rug were not stabilized and they bled everywhere. You can barely see the beautiful Ivory Silk patterns anymore because they have been compromised with red dye.

Also, this rug has received significant pile damage. The silk fibers of this rug were over wet and not groomed or dried properly and left very stiff patches which have lost their luster and shine. This may not be reversed.

Hand woven rugs, (especially silk) need to be cleaned in a controlled environment, tested for colorfastness, dried properly and with the right solutions/techniques. Our customer was very upset that her rug received this damage and we will try our best to clean up after the mistake made by the other cleaner.

Although the rug may never look as good as it once did, we can hope for an improvement of about 70-80% in appearance. Moral of the story, Oriental Rug Cleaning NYC should never be done in home. 



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