Friday, October 26, 2012

Who Are You Sleeping With Tonight??

Are you sleeping with this guy tonight?

Dust mites are the main culprit for allergy sufferers. The bedroom is particularly vulnerable for allergy sufferers as we spend one-third of our life in bed. We shed skin cells constantly which is what the dust mites feed on.

These skin cells are shedding into our sleeping environment, collected by upholstery, mattresses, area rugs and carpeting. All of these areas our ideal breading  grounds for the house dust mite.

Did you know that you get 100,000 dead bodies and thirty million pieces of feces added to your home every single day? A dust mites feces carries withing it certain digestive enzymes which is a significant cause in allergies, emphysema, wheezing and skin/eye irritation.

In order to remove these dust mites, and their dead bodies, and there feces, a deep hot water extraction carpet and upholstery cleaning is recommended.

Regular vacuuming will only remove a very small percentage of them, whereas a high heat deep steam cleaning can drastically lessen an allergic reaction to these unwanted critters.

In large metropolitan cities, dust mites are an even bigger problem. With such a large population living in a small confined space, there is an overload of dead skin cells everywhere, which provides the food and nourishment for a dust mite colony. Our carpet cleaning NYC specialists will do everything they can to help fight against these critters.

Do not share your home with unwanted guests! Call PureGreen today and schedule a deep cleaning of your fabrics and textiles.


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