Friday, March 8, 2013

Ink Stain on MicroFiber Sofa

MicroFiber is a very resilient fabric that does clean up well in most cases, which is what makes it popular for families with small children who may not be so careful with your upholstery as some other people.

All of our upholstery cleaning nyc technicians are fully trained to tackle the most difficult stains on a microfiber sofa. Our organic sofa cleaning methods use only the safest products on the market which do a great job cleaning without compromising your health.

Oil based stains are very tricky to remove completely on Microfiber and in order to remove these we like to add some citrus into our cleaning process which does a great job breaking down oil based stains and also provides a light and pleasant fragrance which our customers love.

After cleaning and rinsing out the fabric, what we like to do is post groom the sofa with a dry cotton terry cloth. This will help speed up the drying process and also remove any cleaning marks left behind during the process.

Often times we are able to "wow" our customers after cleaning a MicroFiber sofa. Below is an example of a job we did recently where the customers toddler mistook the sofa cushion for a blank canvas and went to work with a blue pen.

Using a citrus based solvent we were able to completely remove the ink stain and the cushions looked good as new. This particular customer was very happy and in turn asked us to also clean her area rugs, which we gladly obliged to.

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