Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Navajo Rug - Moth Damage - Cleaning and Repair

Moths are the number one enemy of wool rugs. In the right conditions a moth can lay up to 150 eggs and when these eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the wool. It is always recommended to have your wool rugs professionally cleaned every year in order to protect against the possibility of a moth attack.

Moths are highly attracted to the keratin in dog and cat hairs so if you have pets, the chances of attracting moth to your rugs are increased. A dirty rug full of dog and cat fur is paradise for moths.

It is always important to check all the rugs in your home if you have a moth problem with one rug. Moth larvae can migrate from one rug to another. They usually hide in dark spaces which have the least amount of traffic on the rugs.

Recently one of our customers called us because she discovered that her authentic Navajo rug was severely damaged by moths. This rug was very old and rare so the customer was fairly devastated at the damage.

Upon inspection we recommended having the rug cleaned and lime washed to kill any larvae and eggs that might still be in the rug. We then began the repairs which entailed stitching many loose threads, rebinding the fringes and re-attaching a piece of the rug that was completely torn off.

She was lucky she caught the problem when she did because 1-2 weeks longer and the rug would have been damaged beyond repair. Our Rug Cleaning NYC technicians were able to pick up the area rug from the customers house, clean, repair, restore and deliver the fixed rug back to the customers house.

Below are the before and after pictures of the rug.

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