Monday, September 3, 2012

Commercial Carpet Cleaning NYC

Commercial settings are subject to a lot of foot traffic. Combine that with the increased amount of dirt, grime, bacteria and allergens that is blanketed all over our New York City streets, your office carpets are acting as a trap for all the nasty stuff you bring inside.

In New York City, it is not uncommon for commercial carpet to be cleaned on a monthly basis. We offer our clients the highest level of flexibility when choosing a cleaning schedule. Commercial carpet cleaning is not the same as residential. Our technicians have all been trained in the proper procedures when dealing with highly soiled commercial grade carpet. We offer several different methods of cleaning, depending on the level of soil and type of carpet.

Keeping your work environment clean will help keep the office moral high and impress anyone who walks into the office. After all, you are spending about 8 hours a day in that environment, shouldn't it be clean and healthy? Call us today for all of your carpet cleaning New York needs! Take a look below at some of our before and after picture for some commercial clients we service.

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