Thursday, September 13, 2012

High Traffic Lanes

Regular upkeep of your carpets is essential if you want to make them last. Often times the dirtiest areas in a home will be the hallways because these are considered high traffic lanes.

Carpet Cleaning should be done at least once a year in order to avoid excessive wear and tear on your traffic lanes. A neglected high traffic lane can look rather unsightly if not maintained properly. Regular vacuuming every day is essential and hiring a professional carpet cleaning company once a year should keep your traffic lanes looking neat and fresh all year round.

Below is an example of a high traffic lane we cleaned recently. This customer let the traffic lanes build up for too long and ended up with highly visible marks on the carpet. Our Staten Island Carpet Cleaning technicians explained to the customer that since the carpet has been neglected for so long that achieving "like new" results will not be possible but we will do our best.

The end result was a far cleaner carpet and the customer was super happy, but the effects of excessive wear and tear on the carpet will always be visible no matter how much you clean it.


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