Saturday, September 1, 2012

Deep Cleaning Area Rugs

Many people are unaware or uneducated on the proper methods of cleaning area rugs. In order to provide a thorough cleaning and flushing of an area rug, the rug must be taken out to a rug cleaning facility that has the knowledge and expertise in handling exotic rugs.

Cleaning an area rug in your home is not the right way to do it. This is more of a surface cleaning and can result in several problems. Firstly, the rug is not being washed thoroughly. Because it is virtually impossible to soak the rug in your home, many toxins, dust, allergens, odors and bacteria are being left behind after the cleaning.

Secondly, cleaning rugs in your home means you have to deal with a wet rug. Most area rugs are made of wool, which is a very absorbent fiber. Wool retains a natural moisture content and will act as a sponge to any water that is applied to it. Not getting it dry quickly can result in mildew/odor problems for your rug.

Lastly, cleaning an exotic rug in your home means you are taking a huge risk. Rugs are very delicate items made from natural fibers and dyes which can become damaged if not using the correct protective procedures during the cleaning process.

We recommend using our safe and thorough deep cleaning approach when it is time to clean your area rugs. Below is a video we made that shows are entire cleaning process in detail. Next time you need your area rugs cleaned in New York give us a call and we will provide you with a free inspection!

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