Thursday, January 3, 2013

Tibetan Rug - Dog Urine

Here is a nice Tibetan Rug we received from one of our customers. This rug is an 8x10 and 100% wool. Unfortunately the customers dog has been using the rug as a bathroom, marking it in the same spot over and over.

The urine has been sitting in the rug for quite some time and as a result has distorted and burned the wool. We took the rug back to our shop for a deep cleaning and soaking to flush out all the urine and neutralize the odors.

Our  NYC Area Rug Cleaning soaking process allows for a full penetration of enzymatic solutions into both sides of the rug in order for a complete and thorough cleaning.

Severe urine stains such as this one can be tricky to handle. Using the wrong products can permanently set the stain and sometimes removing the stain can lead to bleaching, or color runs. Sometimes complete removal of the stain is not possible and color restoration will be needed to fully restore the rug.

In the above example, this rug was deep cleaned and soaked using enzymes. The end result is a clean rug, however some discoloration is still visible. The next step is to treat the discoloration and restore the color back to its original condition.

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