Thursday, January 24, 2013

Persian Wool Area Rug - Attacked By Moth

We get a lot of calls from customers who have been the unlucky victims of a moth attack on their precious area rugs.

Sometimes the damage can be devastating and depending on how much time the moth had to feed on the rug, sometimes the damages cannot be repaired.

At PureGreen we offer several different options to treating a moth damaged rug. Typically we will first inspect the rug for damages. A lot of time the fibers will be very loose and to the untrained eye the rug may seem okay, but shake it up a little and all you may find chunks of wool falling off the rug.

Wool is the main food source for moth larvae, these tiny worm like insects will feast on a Persian rug and love every second of it. Our NYC Rug Cleaning technicians can help identify any potential moth problems and provide you with the best solution to the problem.

To treat the rug for moth damage, we will give the rug a lime wash. This highly acidic wash is safe for the rug and will ensure that no moth larvae will remain inside of the rug. After the lime wash we inspect to make sure no larvae remain before we apply a moth proofing treatment onto the rug. This non-toxic repellent will ensure that no more moth will be attracted to this rug.

Lastly, we offer area rug repairs for any damages resulted from the moth. We can patch holes, recolor dyes and re-stitch the binding to make it look like your rug was never attacked.

See picture below for a recent customer of ours who had their beautiful Persian Rug attacked by moth. Luckily they caught on to it fairly quickly before it became really bad. They have a hole about the size of an apple on the rug which we will be able to repair for them.



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