Saturday, January 12, 2013

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning in New York City

One of the many services we offer is a truly Green Carpet Cleaning method using our triple planetary rotary brush system and encapsulation cleaning agents.

For most of our commercial carpet cleaning clients, this is the preferred method of cleaning for several reasons.

1. Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning dries very quickly, so less chance of tracking dirt right after cleaning
2. Stops recurring stains from popping back up
3. Prevents Wickback
4. Carpets stay clean on average 50% longer.
5. Truly Green Approach due to the low amount of cleaning agents used

Often times we can really surprise our clients using our encapsulation cleaning system. At times where some of our customers have thought there is no hope left for their carpets, we were able to really impress them by restoring the carpets and saving their money on what it would cost to have new carpet installed.

For facilities that are very high traffic, we offer complete carpet cleaning maintenance customization to fit both your budget and cleaning needs. Our technicians can provide free demonstrations on our carpet cleaning process.

If you would like a free carpet cleaning NYC demonstration please call 866-987-7873 and ask about our maintenance programs!

Check out our quick video below of a recent job. Not the best video but shows a little bit of what we can do!


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    The primary disadvantage of the hot water extraction cleaning method is that 100% of the water used cannot be removed. If poor water extraction is achieved, in conditions of high humidity, mold growth could occur or be exacerbated. This is not usually a problem with high end commercial water extraction equipment. Moisture left in carpets after cleaning will evaporate more quickly with ventilation, heating, air conditioning or dehumidification.
    We also wash windows, both inside and out.

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